Garlic has an important place in our diet. It accommodates indeed many dishes. And do not deny it because its beneficial effects on health are numerous! Did you know for example that garlic appears 100 times more effective than antibiotics and is in record time. This is a must-health asset. Here in detail the benefits it brings us:
Garlic is a natural antibiotic
It is recognized that its compounds can kill 60 species of fungi and over 20 types of bacteria, especially those responsible for stomach ulcers and pneumonia. Garlic is also a powerful antimicrobial and therefore an effective weapon against colds and ear infections.

Garlic aids digestion
When we removed the germ is often indigestible, garlic is an excellent antiseptic able to maintain intestinal flora and eliminate parasitic worms. It also protects us effectively gastroenteritis plaguing too often in winter. Garlic contains vitamin B1 and chlorine, substances involved in bile secretion and stimulate the activity of the stomach in the chemical destruction of the food.

Garlic lowers blood pressure
Its compounds have a direct effect on blood fluidity and flexibility of blood vessels. They help to reduce the accumulation of fat in the walls of arteries (atherosclerosis), and the volume of cholesterol plaques. This explains a drop in blood pressure of 10% on average.

Garlic has anti-cancer properties
Studies published between 1966 and 1999 showed a 30% decrease in the risk of colon cancer and 50% risk of stomach cancer. Some of the molecules protect the body by preventing cancer cells from multiplying.
Garlic has anti-aging properties
It is very rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals responsible for cell aging.
Garlic is great against some skin
Due to its high content of allicin, it is a potent antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. It effectively fights fungal infections and warts. Recipe: applying a chopped raw garlic puree with a plaster overnight until complete disappearance of the wart or fungus. Think about protecting the surrounding healthy skin because the sap is irritating.
It is often accused of giving bad breath. But you should know that we eat more garlic, less the problem is present. In fact, regular consumption of garlic promotes the formation of enzymes capable of reducing unpleasant smells. If, however, bad breath persists, brushing teeth is useless. It is better to chew a sprig of parsley or mint leaves as chlorophyll removes the smell of garlic.

To take full advantage of its virtues, here are some tips for consumption: It is generally advised to consume 2 cloves garlic raw or cooked 4 cloves a day, crushed or chopped with a little water, until symptoms disappear, or life for some conditions (hypertension). But be aware that cooked garlic is not worth the thought. To work around this problem, you can add raw garlic about 20 minutes before end of cooking. Garlic powder has the advantage of not causing unpleasant breath. But its action is less effective.
Important note: You should avoid eating too much garlic when taking anticoagulants, due to his thinning power.

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