Systematize all your tears (or else coffees or spices or what-have-you) in this prettify bubble box by Sarah from Look What I Made.Materials: an aged wine or champagne box (you can get it at wine stores or even a number of delis), two pieces of the cap of the box (you’ll get it in pieces anyhow since it breaks when opened), four screws, ornamental paper (old wrapping paper will do the trick), and a screwdriver.1. Take the box and fit the paper in the back. Just fold the edges in to get the right size. No need to glue it- audition the shelf will secure it in place. 2. Take the pieces of the lid and fit them in where you desire the shelf to go. Screw them to the sides. 3. Once you have the pieces of the lid set and steady, the little shelf is over.

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