Here is the list of recommendation to lose weight: Do not eat when you are not actually hungry. We mind the invariable snacking. If you want to snack amazing, take a cucumber, a carrot or an apple, but not a piece of bread with butter and sausage.
In order not to overindulge, try to eat a little, but 5-6 times a day. It will be roughly every 2 or 3 hours.

Place the food on a small plate.
Do not eat when you are appraisal, talking on the phone or watching TV. These habits are extremely bad for those who want to have a perfect figure.
Such methods of rapid weight loss will be very efficient for people anguish from not too much weight excess.

1. Physical activity
Aerobic exercises are the majority suitable for thick people. They comprise cycling, brisk walking, various sports games.

It is necessary to do them frequently. The specialists supporter to train at least 3-4 times a week. But mind that you have to like this kind of activity, otherwise it won’t be effective.
If the fatness does not disturb and your health is all right, women can take pleasure in oriental dance (there stoutness in some cases is even welcomed).
2. Medication
Medical way of weight losing is amongst the most effective ones.
Why? – since you can do it by yourself and at home. But in any case, do not start captivating medication without consulting your doctor. Do not not remember that these drugs, in addition to side effects, have a plenty of contraindications.

3. Surgical methods
In some cases, you can not do without major surgery. It is done to those who require the stomach volume reducing. This need arises for people with harsh obesity.
In a comparatively short period of time this process helps a person to get rid of the most part of the excess weight.

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