Recently, women are paying a lot concentration to their eyebrows. But still they face difficulty in giving them the correct shape.

Now you have seen a lot of well-known girls that tend to have broad eyebrows. Models like Cara Delevingne, Miranda Kerr, actresses such as Sofia Vergara, Angelina Jolie as well as singers such as Rita Ora, Beyonce or else Rihanna have broad and full eyebrows.

Anyway in this feature not all the women are providential but the maximum error they do is that they pluck too much. Even although some of you have full and broad eyebrows , sometimes you don’t know when to stop nerve and the result is awful.

You can to a beautician to provide to your eyebrows  the form according to your face figure and then you can carry on your own.

We are generous you some tricks to think when you pluck the eyebrows.
Square face: this face tone needs broad and full eyebrows. If you are fortunate enough and have thick eyebrows than it will be easier for you to provide the right shape. If not, then a forehead pencil will assist you to make them seem fuller.

Oval shape: the skinny brows would suit through this shape.

Round shape: also for this shape , the thin brows would suit since they will make bigger it. Give them a soft arch .

Close brows: can be filled or slim. They will create your eyes seem nearer. Use a brow pencil or a mascara brush to create them seem thicker.

Short brows: this shape is extremely tricky so be cautious while using the tweezers because you might create them shorter and thinner than you must.

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