Here is a tutorial. There you can too see what products makeup artist used. HE99 first time introduced horror makeup tutorial due to demand of Asian Makeup Lovers. Hope you like it.

1: Roll up a few wax , place it on your nose. Take a spatula through a small Vaseline on and drag out the wax to the side.
2: Take a few Vaseline is lying on your finger plus pull the wax pending it is totally smooth and has " melted" jointly with the skin.
3 : Daub on some layers of latex with a wipe. Allow to arid among layers . Keep in mind that latex is muscular, so peek with your eyes.
4: Take a scissor and charily slice a straight stretch from the foundation to the tip of the nose.
5: Take the spatula through some Vaseline on and pull it during the wound. To flat and open it up a little.
6: Apply base . Then balm makeup in red, blue and yellow. To mimic bruises plus irritations.
7: Paint red within the wound plus some black on the limits to get a few depth.
8: Glue the clips ahead the wound. Apply blood plus you're done!

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