1.       The professional should wash their hands with soap Antibacterial Cleansing.
2.       Sanitize utensils to use with Solution Toilet Preparer. 
3.       Remove make the area with water-based Eye Makeup Remover, but the client is not makeup.
4.       Combing her eyebrows with brush comb. 
5.       Apply a portion eyebrows Gel Permanent using the orange stick. Avoid applying gel stands on the tips. Cover the area with osmotic Film and bandeau. Leave on for 15 minutes.
6.       At 2 minutes of exposure, remove the band and osmotic Film and review the hairs of the eyebrows are well sorted and re-cover. This step is repeated every 2 minutes, 2 times to achieve a satisfactory result. 
7.       After the exposure time, remove the gel standing with a dry cotton swab.
8.       Neutralizing Apply with a cotton swab and re-cover the area with osmotic Film and bandeau for another 15 minutes. 
9.       After the exposure time, remove the product with a cotton swab moistened with water.
10.   Dry the area with a tissue.

Source: thuya.com

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