We want to found a sluggish clap and a status ovation for Bobby Glam’s stylishly huge bun! Another vintage style that merit a huge revival! Prep hair with a few mousse before blow ventilation it to keep frizz at bay.

1/ Create a low ponytail first earlier than pushing hair in front to do a next one by securing hair (near the end) through an elastic.

2/ Flip the second one inwards on pinnacle of the base of your first ponytail and safe it with bobby pins.

3/ Position the bubble bun you’ve shaped by spreading it quietly with a comb from side to side.

4/ Secure the bun all over through bobby pins creation sure that the elastic you second-hand for ponytail is totally covered before setting it with hairspray.

5/ Voilà! Classic chic!
Source: careforhair.co.uk

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