1/ Make two sections; part 1 should be at the crown of your head. Gather a round section of hair on top into a ponytail send-off the surrounding hair (front, rear and sides) loose. The last would be section 2.
Tip: use thin stretchy. Thick elastic will lengthen your crown in a very strange way.

2/ Do a profound side part at the face then arrange the ponytailed crown in a round pattern neatly. Your hair should be jacket your face and the relax of your head.

3/ Start the braid at the back your left ear. Get hair from part 2 and some from part 1 as you go around. Do this all approximately your head until you arrive at the ends of your hair. Safe it with elastic.

4/ Tuck and pin the movable braided part (tail) of your hair to the surface neatly. Make certain that the tail will mix together well into the main area for a clean incessant style.

5/ Now, provide yourself a pat on the back for doing a occupation well done! Do not remember to take selfies!
Source: careforhair.co.uk

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