1. Add the Sugar into the Coconut Oil.
  2. Mix it jointly through finger by swirl it around until it becomes a paste. Coconut oil melts keen on a liquid when it’s animated up but you’ll be working fast sufficient that you’ll be ok.
  3. Cover your whole lip part with the paste and create scrubbing back and onward with your finger.
  4. Stretch your beam so it’s taut and carry on scrubbing.
  5. Let it sit for a minute for additional moisture if you wish.
  6. Wipe it off with a hankie. If you complete a bit of a mess, you strength opt for a wet washcloth instead!
  7. This step is elective because they’ll by now be really moisturized from the coconut oil, but you’re welcome to close the deal and end with a lip serum or balm.


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