1. You can make this hairstyle through immediately or curly hair.
2. I favor it amid curls, so start with creation the curls! Use a heat protestant and curl ornamental product first and then part off your hair to create it easier to curl.
3. Begin through curling the base half of your hair. After you end, curl the higher half. If your hair curls with no trouble, take average sections of hair using a intermediate size curling iron. If it is more difficult for your hair to grasp a curl, take lesser sections of hair.
4. After you stop the curls, mist by a light hairspray to create the curls last.
5. Gently divide the curls through your fingers.
6. Now wind the hair around the bottom of the flower braid by the pulled out part on the exterior.
7. Secure it through a bobby pin from under to up on the back of the braid.
8. For additional security, use one additional bobby pin and irritable it over the primary one.
Source: beauty-tutorials1.blogspot.com

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