Very arid skin can create peeling with time and that is absolutely a sign that a bit is not right. Maybe your usual moisturizer is not serving anymore and you want to try something fresh, or you are switching to all-natural remedies and want to check out what the methods alongside peeling skin are. 

Here are a few clean items that might assist you out with extremely dry peeling skin:
Bananas: make a banana cream via a mature banana and yogurt. Apply the combination to the exaggerated area. The skin will obtain softer and smoother after you clean it out, but it’s improved to repeat the procedure in a few successive days for better results.
Almond Oil: the “skin” oil will absolutely help you with dry patches of skin by just applying it to the exaggerated area.
Lemon Juice: not only it is stimulating and can be used in cooking, but lemon juice will assist to decrease the peeling of skin. It can be turned into a scrub if you unite it with sugar or in a pure form to dish up as a moisturizer.


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