Having the personality, intelligence and looks to attraction women around the world, Pakistani men have been located at the third slot in The Sexiest nationality list of the globe. Yes, you read it correct. Leading worldwide dating website ‘MissTravel.com’ has rated Pakistani men as the third the majority sexiest in the world.

The website published a catalog of most attractive nationalities based upon a survey with over 100,000 Americans to find out the hottest of breeds around the world. Results optional Irish men and Armenian women to be decision the list for their foreign pronunciation and tempting looks. The results however brought a shock to the Pakistani nation as Pakistani men were rank as the third most gorgeous species among the entire mannish world. The total list of world’s sexiest nationalities is as follows:

The Sexiest Nationalities 
1.       Irish
2.       Australian 
3.       Pakistani
4.       American 
5.       English
6.       Scottish 
7.       Italian
8.       Nigerian 
9.       Danish
10.   Spanish

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