• Seems simple enough and we’ve all complete it on dry hair. But braiding on damp hair is SO a lot easier in my opinion since it doesn’t tend to slip.
  • Create a easy ponytail around the occipital fillet (that bone in the rear of your head).
    Create a normal 3-strand braid out of that ponytail.
  • Wrap the braid approximately the ponytail and pin into a bun form. The mousse will assist make volume in the braided bun as it air dries. Gently pull it separately for texture if desired.
  • Create a ponytail on top of the occipital bone.
  • Now tie it in one more half knot behind the ponytail holder. It’s simple to do this on wet hair. Much easier than it is on dehydrated hair.

Source: thebeautydepartment.com

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