Start by choose a matte shade and dot willy-nilly on the lash-line, continual out and up at the tip such as you would a cat eye.

Pick one more matte shade and dot willy-nilly then continue with as many matte shades that you just have.

Switch to a metallike shade and speckle extra dots willy-nilly everywhere the “line” you created through the matte liners.

Continue dotting beside with your metallike shades.

Grab one amongst your matte shades (I selected purple) and brilliant the wing by drawing 2 lines that ran into into some extent.

here are plentiful ways in which you'll be clever to vary this too! you'll be able to opt for exclusively 3 shades. you may do a gradient stain wherever it starts with white dots that still turn out to be white and pink dots then pink and red dots then only red dots.

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