HOMEMADE TOOTH POWDER FOR TEETH WHITENING; Commercially obtainable toothpastes, whether paste or grind contains damaging chemicals like fluoride that for extend use may injure your gums, in this video we explain you how to build a few easy to make tooth powders using bentonite clay this clay has been used from centuries to get rid of toxins from the body it has the aptitude to attach through any heavy metals or toxins and to get rid of them totally. 

Further, they are well-off in silica, magnesium and calcium, improve tremendously beneficial for maintaining superior gum health. It is helpful in preventing oral infections like gingivitis plus pyuria. Since this clay is gently abrasive it can eradicate any plaque deposits which are here on the teeth and prevent cavities to happen. With so a lot of benefits, we shouldn’t misuse even a minute and discover out how we can create tooth powder using this clay simply at home and how to create teeth white. Hope you like this remedy.

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