So Initial off you will require:
1: a glass or microwave proof cup
2: olive oil
3: a microwave
4: time

Got that? Okay now This is what you perform:
1. Put anything the amount is of olive oil to cover you whole skull and put it in the cup.
2. Put the cup in the Microwave for 10 seconds or fewer (keep in mind: if the oil is to burning you hair may fall out so create sure its solid and faintly warm).
3. Relate Olive Oil to roots plus ends.
4. This sounds silly but stay your head upside down for 4 minutes.
5. After those 4 minutes sit up and remain the Olive Oil in for 2 hours.
6. Final but not least Wash the Oil OUT! it may get a while to get it all out but it will obtain out soon sufficient!

There you’re done! now do that for a Week plus your hair will cultivate 3-4 inches:)
I did do it and only for three days because of swimming with it grew a 1 inch to a 1 inch in a half! So it does work!!You will be astonished!


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