1.       At the first stage the hairs would be receiving free to stay them curled and looks like harden.
2.       Make a partition of the hair to obtain the braid on the correct side, draw an made-up line up from the exterior of your iris, through the arch of your brow to your hair-line. This is where to create your part.
3.       Get started through braiding of the hairs on the together side if you have tassel.
4.       Get part your hair piece into three parts begin braiding cross 1 over 2, then 3 over 1, then 2 over 3. put in in hair from the apex of your head into section 2.
5.       In this step do a few special like instead of taking 1st over the 2nd just get the new hair bunch for that.
6.       Add innovative pieces from the correct and take off the left part
7.       While imminent to the neck point just stops enchanting the supplementary hair.
8.       To make a few tightening and fitting it use bobby pin to fixed it. You can employ hair spray for that to make a few instant.

Source: emaggy.com

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