Everyone likes a well bronzed skin but the reality is, a few countries just don’t have as long or as hot summers as others. Though I live in Australia for myself, Melbourne has had a need of sun this year. Before I moved here I use to imagine that Australia was all about summer and sunlit days at the beach and it is, don’t obtain me wrong, the North of Australia is where the summer has no end. Even as us, at the underneath, are fortunate to get a few sunny days out of the year! Therefore, I come across with this striking remedy that I hope is going to assist you all tan your skin in a all usual away and makes you stay away from unsafe chemicals, ah and of course, save you a few good money.

Ingredients you will require: a simple body lotion, whatever product you usually use. Cinnamon, cocoa powder as well as corn starch.

In a little bowl mix all these ingredients jointly and carry on string. As about the am-mount, depends on your skin and how dark you desire your bronzer to be. If you don’t want it too dark, try to put in some corn starch is it will lessen the combination; while if you want it darker, add additional cocoa powder. Once finished, store the combination into a jug and now is prepared to be used.

Source:  myhijab.info

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