What is it through headaches? While I’m no sufferer for a cause, I have a sensible threshold for pain–excluding when it comes to headaches. That irritating pain just seems to stab right through my defenses, and honestly turns me into one heck of a grumbler. And don’t even inquire what I turn into when a genuine migraine sets in. Trust me, you don’t desire to know.

I used to obtain headaches all the time. Between me and my wife, it wasn’t unusual for us to go through a jug or two of ibuprofen in a specified month. Luckily, altering our diet and lifestyle has taken care of most of those annoying head pains. But the difficulty is, we still attain for the ibuprofen when we get hit with the irregular headache (even though we perhaps only go through a jug once or twice a year now). I don’t actually like using medication if I don’t have to, but where do I find an effectual natural remedy for headaches plus migraines?

It happen to me previous week that this question could perhaps be answered finest by my fellow health renegades, so I ask my Facebook fans what they do when a headache strikes. I was besieged by the reply this question received, and even keep in mind a few tricks I have up my have sleeve, so I thought this topic was extra than deserving of an official blog post:

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