Start with your hair previously styled the way you want it when the ponytail is in (i.e. instantly, wavy, curled, etc). I chose to straighten pit.

Section off your hair foundation parallel to the curve of your eyebrow, and the hair that falls in facade of year as well (this will assist you to hide the start of the braid later on).

Part off a 2×2 inch segment of hair and begin insecurely braiding.

Tie off the finish of your braid with an stretchy.

Wrap the braid over the top of your skull and place it wherever works finest for your hair cut plus style.

Put the end of the braid below a section of hair to hide it, and safe with a bobby pin.

To add more quantity and drama, tease the hair at the back of the braid and flat it over to avoid any stray hairs.

Apply a concluding creme or spray and…


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