Zurich: Medical experts have said that the rise of youth up to 10 years to quit smoking for healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and exercise is essential.

Experts at the University of Zurich for the first time, the average age impact on behavioural factors and the document prepared by experts in the industrialized countries of the temperate diseases heart disorders, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases increasing Areas that are relevant to the personal attitude to smoking, unhealthy diet and physical exercise, etc. is not.

Bryan Martin and researcher at the University Institute of Social Medicine Pretoria these four factors impact on individual and overall average rate aquamarine day member of the research team leading the healthy lifestyle as a young man to live another 10 years helps researchers 16721 participants in this study regarding smoking, eating fruit and alcohol information, take physical exercises.

The participants, aged 16 to 90 years, and from 1977 to 1993, while the figures Kathy and diseases due to various factors related deaths mortality reviewed.

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