He99 is going to share with you beautiful hairstyle today. Main important thing, which are using for making hair style. 

  •  Mousse (only if you’ve simply washed your hair)
  • Carry dryer        
  • Velcro rollers (I got mine from Target; it’s a group of 31)
  • Hair spray
·       Teasing brush (not shown / optional)

1. Starting with the highest of your hair, take segment as wide because the roller and about an in. thick, and use 2 medium-size rollers (peach) and 2 giant rollers (purple) to roll your hair back
2. on the edges, use 2 smaller rollers (teal – not the smallest) and continue down with 2 medium-sizes (peach), so 2 giant rollers (purple), rolling the hair underneath
3. Repeat on opposite facet
4. Admire your handy-work
5. Carefully carry dry each roller (try to not burn yourself), allowing the hair to heat up – this is often necessary even if your hair is already dry.
Sprits everywhere with slightly of hairspray
6. For rock bottom layer I used the subsequent smallest rollers (blue), however I didn’t wrap them up all the thanks to the scalp (secure with bobby pins if necessary)
Carefully take away each roller and run your fingers through your hair
7. Tease the crown of your hair for a few added raise (optional)
8. End with hairspray

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